2024 3rd International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Physics (ICAMP 2024)

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Mathematics and Application of Mathematics

· Application of Riemannian Geometry in Optoelectronic Systems Design
· Combinatorial Mathematics in Photonics
· Finite Groups in Optical Engineering
· Global Differential Geometry in Lens Design
· Algebraic Topology in Optical Networks
· Cryptography in Optical Communications
· Differential Dynamical Systems in Laser Technology
· Harmonic Analysis in Signal Processing
· Statistical Software for Optoelectronics
· Nonparametric and Robust Statistical Methods in Quality Control of Optical Components
· Experimental Design in Optoelectronics
· Mathematical Modeling of Optical Systems
· Topology and Differential Geometry in Waveguides
· Partial Differential Equations in Optoelectronics
· Monte-Carlo Methods in Optical Simulations
· Mathematical Analysis in Optics
· Function Theory in Optoelectronic Device Design
· Discrete Mathematics in Optical Computing
· Numerical Methods in Optical Engineering
· Mathematical Experiments in Photonics
· Differential Manifolds in Fiber Optics
· Lie Groups in Optical Symmetry
· Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory in System Analysis
· Vector Analysis in Electromagnetic Optics
· Complex Analysis in Optical Coherence
· Differential Equations in Optoelectronic Device Modeling
· Laplace Transforms in Optical Signal Analysis
· Fourier Analysis in Imaging Systems

◕ Physics and physical research

· Nuclear Physics and Optoelectronic Detection
· Acousto-Optic Device Technology
· Optoelectronic System Engineering
· Quantum Photonics
· Mechanics in Optical System Design
· Innovations in Optoelectronics
· Electromagnetism in Optoelectronics
· Photonics and Atomic Physics
· Optical Material Electrodynamics
· Quantum Principles in Photonic Systems
· Solid State Optoelectronics
· Properties of Optoelectronic Materials
· Semiconductor Optoelectronics
· Frontiers in Optoelectronic Research
· Optoelectronics in Nuclear Physics Experiments
· Photonics in Nuclear Electronics
· Optoelectronic Noise Control Engineering
· Electro-Optical Acoustic Technologies
· Sound and Light Interactions
· Photonic Circuitry
· Optoelectronic Circuit Experimentation
· Signal Processing in Optoelectronics
· Quantum Informatics in Photonics
· Optical Quantum Computing