2022 International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Physics (ICAMP 2022)

Call for paper

01. Applied Mathematics

Riemannian surfaces and Riemannian geometry

Combinatorial mathematics

Finite group

Geometry and global differential geometry

Elementary algebraic topology


Differential dynamical system

Harmonic analysis selected lecture

Statistical Software (SAS)

Nonparametric statistics

Robust statistical analysis

Experimental design and quality control

Mathematical model


Differential geometry

Partial differential equation

Simulation and Monte-Carlo methods

Mathematical analysis

Function theory

Discrete mathematics

Numerical methods and computer technology

Mathematics experiment

Differential manifold

Lie group and representation

Linear algebra

Matrix theory

Vector analysis

Complex analysis

Differential equation

Laplace transform

Fourier analysis

The application of applied mathematics

02. Physics

Physics and applied Physics

Nuclear physics


Systems Science and Engineering

Quantum information science

Mechanics and theoretical mechanics



Atomic physics


Quantum mechanics

Solid state physics

Structure and physical properties

Electrical and electronic technology

Semiconductor physics


Experimental methods of nuclear physics

Nuclear electronics

Nuclear technology and application

Engineering noise control

Electroacoustic technology

Sound technology

Circuit principle and analysis

Electronic circuits and experiments

Algorithmic language and programming

Signal and systems theory

Analog electronics

Microcomputer principle and interface technology

Signal analysis and processing

Quantum electronic informatics

Optical quantum informatics

Space Science and Technology

03. Others